Alongside our amazing, traditionally mined diamonds, Jones Bros. has something even more rare: the area’s first, best and most exciting selection of diamonds born in a lab.




Q:  Why Does Jones Bros. sell lab grown diamonds?
A:   Simple. Because our customers want to buy them. In fact, about half the diamonds we’ve sold over the last few years were lab grown.  

Q:  Why are lab grown diamonds so popular?
A: That’s simple, too.  Because they’re diamonds…that happen to cost thirty to forty percent less than traditionally mined diamonds.

Q:  Are lab grown diamonds less “special?”
A:  Not at all.  It took people thousands of years to figure out how to create real diamonds that are optically and physically identical to mined diamonds.  Doing so takes an immense amount of time, know-how, expense and artistry.  All of which makes a lab grown diamond rare and miraculous, just like a mined diamond.     

Q: What makes a lab grown diamond such a great engagement ring center stone?
A:  Because they’re less expensive relative to mined diamonds – 40% or more less expensive - engagement ring buyers can often afford a ring or mounting with a design or from a designer that before seemed out of their reach.  Of course, some others might just choose to completely bling-out a solitaire mount with a 40% percent bigger diamond.  And if they’re happy…Jones Bros. is happy. 

Q: Are some lab grown diamonds even more beautiful than mined diamonds?
A:  Absolutely. Which is why so many people are crazy for them. When you can get a bigger, brighter, more brilliant diamond for less money, that’s a game changer.

Q:  Are lab grown diamonds rated on the same scale as mined diamonds, and, 2) is this how Jones Bros. chooses the ones they sell?
A:   Yes, lab grown diamonds are officially graded by the same criteria as mined diamonds. However, that's not how Jones Bros. chooses any of the diamonds we carry for sale. Grades of color, cut, clarity along with carat weight are good as general guides, but really, we choose our diamonds - both lab grown & mined - the same way you will when you shop with us: by looking at a bunch and deciding which ones we love the most. Know this: every diamond you find at Jones Bros., is a diamond somebody loves.