Jewelry Repair at Jones Brothers

Jewelry Repair

Every Piece of Jewelry Deserves the Highest Level of Care and Attention

At Jones Brothers Jewelers, we hold a deep belief that each piece of jewelry deserves the highest level of care and attention. Our unwavering dedication is centered on preserving and restoring the innate beauty and functionality of your most beloved possessions. Committed to excellence and craftsmanship, our team consists of highly skilled artisans and technicians, each meticulously trained to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's a watch in need of a meticulous tune-up or a precious heirloom seeking restoration, we stand ready to deliver a level of service that surpasses expectations. Your trust and loyalty as our client are invaluable to us. Allow us the privilege of breathing new life into your cherished jewelry and watches, ensuring they remain a timeless source of joy and admiration for generations to come. At Jones Brothers Jewelers, excellence is not just a commitment; it's our passion.


  • Master goldsmiths accomplished in their field
  • Latest technology in laser machines
  • Expert evaluation
  • Express repair service
  • In business for 100 years, you can trust our unparalleled experience

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Jones Bros. Jewelers was founded in 1939 by two brothers who believed our area deserved a fine jewelry store every bit the equal to those found upstate and beyond. Such a jewelry store would, of course, require its own, skilled goldsmiths in-house.

Today’s Jones Bros. is built on our founders belief, from its world-class diamond selection to its team of goldsmiths. These working goldsmiths are the heart of our store. With an eye for detail paired with the most up to date technology, they offer artful, professional jewelry making and repair services. When something shows up that needs an industry expert that is outside of our shop, we will always find the best and brightest to handle that as well. Whether you are looking for a simple chain repair or a complex estate piece being brought to like new and wearable condition, you can count on us at Jones Bros. Jewelers to make it happen. You can always trust us to do a great job for you. We work as a team to help you celebrate all your treasures.



My name is Bennett Woolsey, and I am the Repair Coordinator at JBJ. I have been with the business for two years and am passionate about jewelry repairs. I have my bench jeweler certification from NASJ in Tennessee.



I am a bench jeweler who has a passion for fabrication, restoration, and repair of jewelry. While I am early on in my journey, the focus of the past 3 years has been largely repair, with some fabrication mixed in as well. As of late, I’ve been learning how to set fancy cut stones, assisted hand engraving, and perusing to be a graduate gemologist as well.



I have been a bench jeweler with 8 years of experience in repairs, restoration, and stone setting. I have completed the Graduate Bench Jeweler program at New Approach, earned my Applied Jewelry Professional certification from GIA, and am a CPAA Certified Pearl Specialist. My jewelry interests lie in hand fabrication, micro pavé, and engraving.



I have six years of experience as a bench jeweler. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in 3D studio art and a double major in art history. I received a Master of Fine Arts in jewelry and metalsmithing at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. I am a practicing artist and has recently exhibited at NYC Jewelry Week, the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio, and at the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art in South Korea.