Jewelry Appraisals

Jones Bros is proud to offer in house jewelry appraisal services. At Jones Bros, we have a reputable gemologist on site once a month. By performing in house appraisals, Jones Bros cuts out the middle man and the time it would take to send your jewelry to an appraiser.

Jones Bros appraises all types of jewelry from diamond rings and gold bands to watches and pendants. Whether you have a newly inherited piece of family jewelry or just want to find out the value of a personal piece of jewelry you have owned for a while, Jones Bros will take care of you.

For the first item to be appraised, the charge is $150. For each additional item, the charge is $100.

Once your appraisal is completed, you will be provided with two copies of the appraisal. One copy is for your keeping, while the other copy can be given to your insurance agent if you wish to insure your precious piece of jewelry.