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Nobody creates engagement rings with the skill and artistry of Tacori. And nobody designs jewelry with so much magic and soul. Which is why Jones Bros. was so excited to offer Tacori to our customers.  So we decided to celebrate all things Tacori earlier this month! The weekend was full of: More Tacori engagement rings… read more

Paul Tacorian visited the Midwest for the first time in 5 years.  And he visited US!!!  It was such an honor to have him select our store to visit and bring some of his wisdom to bestow on us.  He gave an intriguing speech on marketing and branding and of course he brought beautiful jewelry… read more

Making the most of the big moment Dear Regular Guy, You’ve likely never spent time dreaming of how you’ll propose to the woman you love. But she has. Repeatedly. No matter how unique and different the wonderful woman you want to marry is, she’s been dreaming about being proposed to since she was a little… read more